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casey veggies – i don’t know (skit) lyrics


casey veggies exclusive

[anwar carrots interviewing casey veggies]

how’d you come up with the name casey veggies?
uh, you can blame peas n carrots for that

ok. how about customized greatly?
well that came off my old rap name, you know it used to be custom. and then i got customized off the root from that, you know. and greatly as in i’m different in a good way. i’m customizing it in a great way

who are your influences you in the game?
uh in the game, in the industry, i’ma have to go with kanye. i’ve always liked his music, you know what i mean. uh, you’ll hear my outro, everybody i shouted out as my influences. myself, you feel me. you feel me man, i smell like money

what is your motivation?
uh, my motivation. i think i just explained that in the influences. it’s money man. i’m playin’, i’m just playin’ man

and please tell me what is your favorite track on your mixtape?
uh, i’d have to say “according to love” because i like the story and the whole concept of it about the girls and everything, you know. everybody gotta have a song about the girls, you know what i mean

how did you hook up with ace?
uh, man. like before i even had songs on my music page, i had saw ace’s page. he was on top of his shit, his beats was free or whatever. then, i dropped my songs and then ace sent me a friend request. and ever since then, more to come. you gon’ be hearing from us

alright, any more shit? did you really grow up in the hood?
uh, well i grew up in a place called “the hood.” it’s by pasadena like 5 miles east. ask tyler where i come from

how many b-tches you got?
d-mn. uh, all my songs. i don’t know man. ay man. uh, customized greatly, n-gg-

[verse: ace, the creator]
customized greatly, most of you n-gg-s hate me
you’re mad cause the b-tch you’re f-cking with, she wants to date me
i mean date us and she compliments the weed
so that make us anytime we try to f-ck in the back of the truck
making money, cash money, money funny money
oh my gosh honey, i’m home
and she’s tryna give your other n-gg- bone
sb sneakers oh my gosh with the beeper
ice cream shoes all up in the different flavors
actually, your girl like my motherf-cking vanilla wafers
hall of fame down fairfax
n-gg-s say i’m too fly, i think i reached my air max
oh my god, look at this n-gg- posh and hosh on a horse
this n-gg- driving ferarri porches
and actually he’s tryna scott [?]
he’s not, this is why he’s hot, but he’s not mims
you see his hat and you like the pink brim
and you see his car, but he’s not rolling on rims
he’s still on hubcaps
with the cap of the sprite [?]
[?] and you like the way i bike
my mongoose, dino with the black mags
i think all of y’all as h-m-s and some f-ckin’ black f-gs
on top of it, stop with it, op with it
i do not cop, actually i go and get it?
oops, i hit the mic and your girlfriend hit the dyk-
she likes to think she likes to kiss it on the lips on the bike
when we riding actually she gives me head
f-ck a car, i got the black mag and some black pegs
you could eat it, b-tch skeet it and get it top
i’m so motherf-cking cold, actually this pussy old
actually, i eat it and it’s green with f-cking mold
kind of like my f-cking sneaks and she like the way the beat bang
with the drums and the snare, hi-hat
oh my god, the whole collection
and my whole selection, and my whole collection of sneakers
you f-cking like the nikes and i got a lot of chicks