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casey veggies – organic freestyle lyrics


zoom, zoom
this sound like something coming, yeah
p&c, hs87, organic
awe, yeah

[verse 1]
i’m talking to her straight like “what you really wanna do?”
p&c the mob, made a k!llin’ with the crew
you heard about the squad we ain’t come up out the blue
the shit we doing now, prolly make it on the news
all these haters snooze, while i’m making moves
they hate you then they love you, that’s the game it’s just the rules
the dough made her do it, using money as a tool
if you think she love you, n-gg- you might be a fool
power of that pussy got us sitting on a stool
w-ssup with all these new n-gg-s acting like we cool
where was y’all at when i was walking home from school
i dropped bands on a n-gg-, i done paid my dues
f-ck all that talking, we can do it out in public
go hard for what i got man and they ain’t give me nothing
made a couple thousands, bout to flip it with my cousins
ain’t no compensation, we do not need no discussion
unless we giving back, then that’s a different subject
doing this for years, give a f-ck bout where your buzz at
all these n-gg-s worthless man, tell me where the plug at
randy mossing touchdown, we gon’ bring the dub back
think the rap game need a makeover
young n-gg-s run the world, this the takeover
she get drunk, she go wild, she should stay sober
i’m about to feed her to the sharks, see if she stay loyal
i fell in love with the streets, yeah i hug the block
20s, 50s, hundreds give me what you got
i pick money over b-tches like why not
it’s levels to this shit and boy i’m in a new spot
i demand all my dough but when it come to rapping
look, i ain’t force nothing i just let it happen
she really, really, really love me, had to get me tatted
real hustle mindset, money in the mattress
i ain’t had to plan it, n-gg- everything organic
live & grow is dropping, yeah you know the streets demand it
ain’t nothing headed, n-gg- gotta go insane
i gotta k!ll the game, i can see the open lane
i got a mixed chick, we be on some pimp shit
bossed up, she eating veggies, i eat shrimp shit
pack your bags baby girl, yeah we bout to split
i swear i’m in too deep, let’s just take a trip

[verse 2]
[?] bands , we did our thing
no regrets, hopped on that plane
young veggies, you know my name
don’t act like you don’t know the gang
certified, i ain’t no lame
i told her like “you better rep my name”
p&c, i’ma rep my gang
when it come to rap, i’m reckless mane (mane)
i need my money bigger than texas mane (mane)
i’m bout to build the block like tetris mane (mane)
all them groupie hoes get rep for fame
but i’m married to the game, no wedding ring

yeah, we out here living
n-gg- ain’t doing nothing but just living and growing, you know what i’m saying
everything natural, organic
pncintl, fresh and frozen
gold everything
i ain’t holding nothing back
charge that shit to the game, yeah
chasing money, let the females come, my youngin
f-ck being cool, tryna take it to another level
give & grow foundation
2015 and beyond
live & grow
bow, swag, swag