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casey veggies – thoughts lyrics


rest in peace to ms. west and i pray my momma live forever
i hope me and my girl forever together
cause when the weather messes up, i need someone clever
you dusty females get my respect never
so homie don’t ever doubt the mind
cause i think of great shit all the time
i’m cussing in my rhymes so you could feel my struggle
feel my pain, cause life ain’t a game
it’s more to it than male roles and fairfax
get caught wrong place wrong time, you might get your head snatched
you mummy n-gg-s speaking dead raps
i’m tryna live for my people, that’s why we ain’t equal
i ain’t worried bout your sbs, those ain’t nothing
my n-gg-s rock gucci, let me know it ain’t nothing
and no i don’t trust shit
learned at a young age
cause like you looking in the mirror, you dudes is two faced
and who say veggies don’t do it like that
and who say them independent rappers ain’t moving them tracks
and who say them school teachers is there for you to succeed, never
i’m just too clever to ever believe it
i’m tryna [?]…