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casey veggies – we got you lyrics


i got this shit right here
take my gum out for this one, yeah

[verse 1: casey veggies]
what to rap about?
the drugs, the violence, or the guns clapping out
i got a blabber mouth
now let’s talk about the girls
some dudes swirl in the diamonds and the pearls
give your mind a little twirl
and all my lines are so thorough
and let’s talk about the clothes
i keep all my shit clean like my flows
air max’s on my toes
you undefeated [?] you already know
now we speaking about cars
without 20 inches, i wouldn’t get that far
with that stock shit, i get caught off guard
and n-gg-s talking about guns, 38 caliber
two for one
they start just begun
until we done
second to last song, so you know we won
ill plus rip it up
uncle david, tyler flipped it up
and i’ma throw my whole body out there just to get it
what, what, what, yeah
i said just to get it, what

[interlude: ill plus]
microphone check 1,2
oh thank you, thank you ladies and gentlemen
you’re too kind, you’re too, you’re too kind you know what i’m saying
yo casey, since you spit your gum out for this one
i’ma do the same thing
i’ma take my gum out for this one, man
you know what i’m saying
i just wanna thank you for asking me to be on the song
i appreciate it, dog
without further adieu though, no more wasting time
i know you ain’t got time wasted, yes

[verse 2: ill plus]
just to get it in a new york [?]
i deliver chicken gizzards to [?] in a blizzard
ain’t quite dumb enough to sign a contract though
but i make it to the finals by the end of the show
just for publicity, my energy, the vanity, this mystery man
[?] with just blaze on the symphony
words on -ssembly, put together my rhymes
[?] i got so many hotlines
[?] judicional
intermission for formulating scriptures out of diction
[?] every sentence i be spitting
makes me the n-gg- to watch [?] television
right now you are listening ill the kid, wonder [?]
age is just a number when [?] summer
remember age ain’t required but knowledge you hold
ask r. kelly, he get his brains from 14 year old

[outro: ill plus]
uh, yeah, yeah, n-gg-
now that’s it n-gg-, that’s it
i ain’t got no more
got nothing else to say
holla at y’all later