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cashmerely – yea yea lyrics


[intro: talking]
aye, aye do me a favor
im talking to you
im not- aye i’m really talking to you
i know you hear me right
grab another backwood
get some more bud out and roll up real quick
im really talking to you n-gg-
this ain’t for the record roll up

[verse 1: cashmerely]
i got so many of these hoes in my face
they just want me to f-ck because of my chains
bricksquad my baby you know thats the gang
whippin the rental and switching the lanes
pull up with jus joose got gold on the fangs (h-llo world)
shots of ciroc yea its all in the aim
we just stunting, flexing all that of that sh-t
gold and diamonds all on top of the wrist
you do it this big and they swallow your kids
sweet nothings is whispered all in they ears
came too far to be calling it quits
i been wanting this for so many years
you get what you give, i want all of this sh-t
stacking the paper in the palm of my hand
checking in and out the hilton and ritz
when the hustle don’t quit n-gg- this what you get

[hook: cashmerely]
yea yea repeat (x11)

[verse 2: cashmerely]
cashmerely in the spot watch them look look look
king baby girl move my rook rook rook
watch out for the punchlines right left duck hook
if your b-tch ain’t in designer then she just might get took
make any broad swallow all of this pimpin
walkig around in my lizards
this linen is drippin that lemon
spend 50 on 50s
i let my b-tch keep all the 20s
cop three fives or more don’t do 20s
smoking backwoods dawg no swishers
this just how a young n-gg- living
stacking my bank all the way to the ceiling
you hating you fake cause the real n-gg-s feel us
sharp as a blade r.i.p to my n-gg-
blood sweat and tears all the sh-t that ive given

[hook: cashmerely]
yea yea repeat (x11)