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cashtro crosby – for the love of money (intro) (ogbonethugs) lyrics


gotta get that money manye (2x)

triple b get money mane, money mane …
lt get money mane, money mane…
25k get money mane, money mane…
oxy get money mane, money mane…

mason jar gang… cros, listen…

i seen my grandfather
at a pay phone
callin to me telling me that he’s proud/
that was 40 like years ago from now /
jeremy lin/ ming yao/
running to much sh-t/
flow is so repugnant /
every thing i spit is blunted/
the hue is amber rosey,pupils plummet/
got that johnson and johnson like blu /
thats like texas with no screw /
im feeling like a jew /
been tryna h–rd money /
i need that white panamera, like future
not honda accord money /
never paying wh0r-s honey/
sh-t they prolly be paying they me /
pimping a b-tch called life /
and she better be getting the count right…/
had the show with stalley/
he said i’m blue collared and flow tight/
collard greens tim’s/
dark denim /
wit a blonde dyk-/
and just to think wasn’t even gon spit this sh-t tonight/
every p-ssage, be cl-ssic /
know n-ggas that still bag up watching judge mathis/
play with that bread and you get bagged up & it’s tragic & it was for the…(for the love of money)/
these n-ggas will pull yo plug /
for the love of that designer /
she be droppin it in the club/
get her easy up in em’ clubs/
so i get it even easier /
and them n-ggas know…ah’ they getting thirstier, b-tches getting needier/
me i rarely believing her/
i don’t trust b-tches like drake/
need an estate, blunts to bake, 100 mill before my wake /
gotta get the money mayne
gotta get the money mayne
creeping thru cleveland in cuttie bumping cudi /
muddy like the pimp
whaddup kid whaddup kid , huh don’t they don’t want me
i said…
gotta get that money mane (2x)

-outro talking…-