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casisdead – desert storm lyrics


castro and that
propa poductions and all that, get me
big up lava, big up phoenix
freestyle ting, get me
not a dubplate and all that

when i spit you think you’re in kosovo
you can hear me drop bombs from across the road
right now i wish i was across the road
you wouldn’t wanna be up in this studio
cause all this excess testosterone
bad breath and sweat, i’ve gots to go
takes more than hugo boss alone
to get the scent that gets girls on the bone
no pickney girl are in my phone
if you’re young, br–sts best be overgrown
like the judge said to r kelly, if i try leave the youths alone
it’s about big girls with big batties, strip them down to stilettos or boots alone
some of them go commando like stallone
them girl there, you don’t chat to you just take them straight to home
ain’t got no patience, i ain’t a doctor
you f-ck around then you’ll need a doctor
i’ll take your dough like the bus conductor
fam you’ve got a lung, must come rupture
my bullets will f-ck up your structure
man’s not a d-ckhead, look at the stature
heavy duty, i come like tractor
don’t bring the drama, man’s not an actor
dealer, extraordinaire
uk vibe, born over here
just that skunk, got a bit of white in me, not a sign of weakness, you can’t stare
old school firearms, bow and arrow
transport corpse, wheel and barrow
just like [?] if you try and blaze me, you will get f-cked up, shook and paro
know about fakers because i hot them
know about haters because i got them
i know i’m castro, i know i’m from tottenham
i know about drugs because i shot them
know about hot tings because i strip them
know about dubplates because i rip them
know about handles because i grip them
pop-pop at targets, we always hit them
ain’t got an easel but i’m an artist
gcse’s show you that i’m smartest
i left school with something unlike some of you -sses
didn’t pay attention in cl-sses
but i still p-ssed it, sat in the back in my gl-sses
bare a’s and b’s on my exam paper just like the ones in your girls bras
it’s, it’s, it’s castro
i’m onto the br–sts, it’s castro
onto the batty, it’s castro
and i’m onto your yatty, it’s castro
i’ve got chicks with dd’s and e’s tryna make films with 18 certificates
you got d-d’s and e’s on your gcse certificates
anything you can do, i can do better, blud i can do anything better than you
i slew n-gg-s whatever the weather, my lyrics are dogs, i’ll set them on you
sixteen bar, locked jaw, my chats are top draw, they’ll munch off your whole crew
clash your dj on the techniques to mock his technique and piss him off too
i saw you and your chick at the uci
so i ran up on you with the uzi
get in the f-cking car, or she’ll be the first person that you see die
better be strapped when you see i
cause any mistake you could lose your eye
remember i phoned you, i told you to wear your vest, now you see why
you are strapped when you see i
you better pray that your gun don’t jam
you don’t wanna be in that jam
your body parts gets spread like jam
and i’ll run up in a rave that’s rammed
and choose this moment to let you all know who the f-ck i am
ambulance is outside but they never came through like ac scam
don’t know the deal if you don’t know the rest
cause you can’t suck cas unless you’ve got an s on your chest or br–sts on your chest
not today, i brought gas so there’s a good chance of you getting left in a mess
ain’t no point of the vest on your chest cause bullets get stuck in your head like chats

wagwarn for the tune where it just wheeled up like that