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casisdead – what’s my name? lyrics


alright, yeah

what’s my name? richard gere
michael caine, look like bane
bit like kane, rap game’s saddam hussein
this crack game just ain’t the same
it’s a fact now that i ain’t sane
you got faith? then just pray
window panes ain’t gotta be stained
that’s my name above the door
no plates, above the law
in my whip, 4.4
mean like your mother-in-law
we got whores, a couple indoors
in their drawers doing chores
sort you out for a couple of scores
make her pause on all fours
on her paws
what’s my name? walter white
yeah i hide in plain sight
brit awards, i was inside
eskimo, i was inside
vma’s, stood right beside
…, no lie
even asked him if he would sign
my cd, he declined
what’s my name? molly ringwald
bobby brown pop 3 x, danny brown
my ex looked like jackie brown
bad chicks i get plently around
cocaine yeah i’ll send it round
let them roll up with £20
not for free, cost £20
10 keys, that’s 20lbs
what’s my name? charlie sheen
yeah, i’m winning as you’ve seen
rubbing shoulders with royalty
half of them are on my team
niggas bite things that i do
and then repackage it, back as new
sell it to you, i get overlooked
i’m not on the list, oh, what will i do?
i don’t want a mobo award so stop
nah, i’ve already got a doorstop
this year i made more gwop
than half of the people you put at the top
they ain’t even put out a f-cking a single yet and
man have already flopped
my crow kick like cro cop
you couldn’t sneak this
what’s my name?
piff richard, brandon lee
get the picture, can you see?
all these b-tches, all for me
had a bafta nominee on her knees
she wouldn’t leave, so i did
it’s been a minute since she holla’d
but you can guess what she did
what’s my name?