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caskey – black sheep 2 is on the way lyrics


it’s a new year, i been up in the gear
i can hear when they cheer
body that shit, they are not in the clear
back when my homies said we wouldn’t make it
i told ’em, “we got this,” i’m dodging the fear
i see the truth when i look in the mirror
look to myself, i don’t look to my peers
amazed that my father died, i was sixteen
ever since my sixteen’s getting sharp as a spear
i got the ear
i got the motive, the drive, got the story that they gotta hear
i still get flashbacks of days at the trap house with pimpin’
whoever knew we would be here?
look to my watch, i think it’s ’bout that time
i think the universe still throwing signs
i just pulled up to the coast with my partners
and can’t even lie
in the city with the fire
my eyes burning with desire
pops said i would always make it
i wish he could come around to see me fly
instead he was getting high
i got what they can’t deny
rappers want to get a piece of me
i ain’t worried ’bout a thing, let them try
whipping that dope till it fall out the sky
crashed on the street
i don’t know why i made it, i should’ve been died
sister been trying to get sober for so long
i told her, “just do this shit, no wastin’ time”
they want you falling off over a script
they want you broke or dead or in the house
they want you famous just so you can lose it
i just popped a thing and then poured up an ounce
but i can announce, lost so much shit to the life
there ain’t n-body there when it counts
here on my own, i don’t owe you no favors
they pray for my downfall, i prayed on they doubts
wish you could see the look inside my eyes
pops i’m really with the shit
i got the focus, i done made the vision
i done signed with baby, i done went legit
sharp as my wit, i do the conscience shit
i do the ignorant, i make the hits
save all that underground shit for the ditch
told all my brothers, “we fin to get rich”
and i’m getting the money
black sheep 2, that shit is comin’
they thought we was busy sleeping
we been busy, cooking shit inside the oven
we keep it a hunnid
black sheep 2 is on the way
black sheep 2 is on the way
black sheep 2 is on the way
black sheep 2 is on the way
f-ck what they say, ride with the k
f-ck with my brothers, we gon’ leave you sprayed
the second coming, you know you should pray
black sheep f-cking 2, that shit on the way, shit on the way
black sheep 2 is on the way
black sheep 2 is on the way
black sheep 2 is on the way