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cassidy – body bags lyrics


i got my hand on my d-mn c-ck/
and i coped a gun so big it could probubly kill handc-ck/
i aint a rat, me talkin to the d-mn cops/
is like lewis fericon eatin hamhocks/
imma gorilla but im slicker than a d-mn fox/
been cool since pre-school playin in the sand box/
imma hustla i used to hand tha gram na’
i can stand on the corner sellin gram after gram ha’/
and no im not from j-pan ha’/
it just look like its asian in me/ cuz i keep the hasian in me/
i been in jail, i got a couple 100 dayz ^ n me/
but i still keep the ak and the razor wit me/
i ball hard so other ballers is afraid to stick me/
cuz if i get fouled ill probubly shoot the teck/
and you can be the next n-gg- ill shoot to def/
i wild-out,but if i foul out ill shoot the ref/
im happy when im in the coupe’ but the roof depressed/
cuz i always put them down the trunk is where i put them now/
i got doe, ever since 0 put a pound in my hand/
i been the man, you should put the crown on my dome/
im on the phone havin conference callz/ wit millionare “yeah” looked what i accomplished ya’ll/
and i aint tryna take a life i got a contience ya’ll/
plus the cops send you ^ north like the comp-ss ya’ll/
i was 17 living out in yanker ya’ll/
signed to ruffriders wit a flow that was bonkers ya’ll/
i can even lie, you can bmy, you can ask swiss too, sb and kiss too/
you can ask dmx, the female pitt 2/ and they’ll let you know all the battles i had to get threw/
you can ask dragon sheek about how i had to eat/
thousands of m-ff-ckaz, yup, man i had the streets/
but aint no money in battlin’/
and i had to eat/
i can spit reckless but i had to make a hit record/
and now i make hit record after hit record/ and i make chicks get naked like this check it/
i juss lick my lips on some ll sh-t/
and make em’ laugh on some david chappelle sh-t/
and they be on some lets go to the hotel sh-t/
and i give em’ hard d-ck on some just got out of jail sh-t/
the innocent man, been in the can/
and i neva made a statement never been on the stand/
and its all about the benjamins man…real talk/
and you dude cant walk in my timbalands man/
and m y sneeks dont fit you/ the streets dont f-ck wit you/
and i sip champain/
and i throw back shots/
and smoke pot the color of a apple jacks box/
i rap but i sold crack rocks/
and had the block jumpin like the frogs on the honey smacks box/
you digg em”….body bags!!!!!!!!!!