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catapults – 98 lyrics


i’m really scared that you’ll forget who i am
it’s not the first time, that you’ve mixed up my name
you ask the same questions over and over again
but i don’t blame you and it’s not your fault
if growing old ain’t for cowards i don’t want to be

courageous at all
every time i knock on your door
i hope that you’re not lying dead on the floor
i feel the rush of blood going through my veins
like when you’re close to the edge and it drives me insane
but when you hold my hand i feel the love of your touch
and it reminds me of the time when i was growing up
but now our timе passes by and i wish i had called you once morе

i wish i called you once more

and every time you say that you’d rather be dead i cry on my way

cause ironically that’s the only thing
that you’ll never forget