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catch 22 – opportunity lyrics


hardships faced. we’ve been disgraced.
our plans for the land are degraded by menacing hands.
but history’s compelling us, telling us to do it all again.
as far as i can see, everything that we had believed
is more true now than ever before.
if the truth be known, we would do it all again.

we got low, down in mexico.
it seems so far after having been so close.
we got low, down in mexico.
we lost everything except the things that matter most.

bureaucracy and hypocrisy are contagious and make us all victims eventually.
you can take my life from me, but we will do it all again.
the seeds of truth will grow.
the people will know of the visions that we have endeavored to show.
and like the river we will flow.
we will do it all again.

faceless men who represent no idea or purpose intend
to prevent revolution though revolution,
but we could do it all again.
even when i die, i hope you won’t cry,
for my life has been happily spent in the struggle…
and i love you so i would do it all again.