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cathartic – 8am lyrics


verse 1: cathartic (16 bars)

alarm rings 8am in the morning
look at my floor yep there’s kids snoring
stomach churning as i approach the sink
regretting my last 6am drink
time to think splash water on my face
the rest of the house it’s a disgrace
no time to waste send them home cook a feed
turn my speaker on to enable me to breath
look in the mirror proud to see an mc
stroll to the shops skateparks burning trees
sad to see them so young in their teens
turning my music on watch them proceed to believe
bicycles cycle down the street
post-christmas got new shoes on their feet
then i tip toe up to the beach
pull me pen out and begin to teach

verse 2: cathartic (16 bars)

well i was sitting on the street curb waiting on a ride
car pulls up steaming straight cold getting high
listening to the whistling from the birds and the bees
trying to paint a picture from the words on the trees
good feelings rush from my head to my knees
turn the radio on, sucker mcs
now please, let me carry on
cos my style remains smooth to transform
stand up unique then exit the street
the headland is where i choose to stomp my feet
hand turns green with the nature i can touch
picnic tables scattered enjoying lunch
the plush rush from the weather brush
describe the word for the ocean (lush)
then i umm keep stepping keep stepping
try to conceal my lyrical weapon

bridge: cathartic (4 bars)

30 min swim 40 mins skate
followed by an hour surf to finish the day
feeling great now that my mind is straight
how was the surf (‘‘twas good mate)

verse 3: cathartic (16 bars)

the stars twinkled in the night sky
looking at the moon wondering why
why we live and why we die
am i the only one star gazing tonight?
the sand stuck in between my toes and the smell of smoke crawled up to my nose
i suppose it’s the burning fire in the distance
or the beach backpackers for instance
persistently i carry out on my mission
one by one i count them with precision
decisions click inside of my brain
do other people looking at sp-ce the same
twilight dusk falls over the ocean
a new scent appears a salt water potion
commotions react as moonlight attacks
the area of trust the new world lacks