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cathleen – masquerade lyrics


now choose your face you can

i’m only a witness
p-ssing by a play of
a play of people trying to see
their lives with their own
but i can see no more
than a bunch of kids
trying to be grown men
they’re unaware of the meaning

people use masquerades to hide to decieve
in the everlasting play of life
play of life
you can be whoever you want
your face shall be never known
anyway all you’ll ever taste is mere hollowness
spreading like a cancer
this leads to never-ending lies
take us to roads of condemn
(oh heed my words) as we p-ss and see
the hordes of the meaningless
those who deceive themselves
tresp-ssing truth with their own blades
true ideals start to perish

we have to try, to succeed
keep learning from the true ways
throw away our masks
show us how we really are
express with true feelings, whit our own faces


for we are the bright ones
forged with stardust
forged with stardust