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cavetown – hands lyrics


[verse 1]
pretending to laugh is exhausting but i’d rather be tired than lose my friends again
and i’m nothing special but in the end i’m all that i’ve got

so friends raise your hands [x2]

[verse 2]
does it really matter to you if your haircut’s uneven and none of your socks match
and do you care about people who speak just to hurt you, you know you’re better than that
after all why would anything good happen if bad was all we got
i left a trail of hope so you won’t get lost

so friends raise your hands

oh [x18]

[verse 3]
the end is coming closer with every breath you take
and you can’t outrun the light speed earthquake (yeah!)
and no matter how many times you tell me it’s fine
i feel like this was all a mistake
please humour me cause my minds a castle of songs
and you’re not singing along
well, if you’re not the singing kind it’s fine
just don’t leave me behind, me behind, me behind (oh…)

so friends raise your hands
raise your hands [x2]