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cbk – 7 majors lyrics



ready and willing for rhythem and poetry
spitting over seas, oye calme te
so f-ck the weed and grams of c-ke, i rocking beats up at the show
like da da di di da di do, first you see me now you dont
spread through you head with words like possessive germs
through your epitdure, til my next return, do you accept the terms
mais les mec ils comprendre pas, no listen rest -ssurer
the lesson learnt, that i shall overcome like excessive sperm
a swift lyricist that infamous for viciousness
the type that flow so eloquent with the microphone ettiquet
gotta look sharp, stop acting booksmart when the song start
cause over p-ssing me is like archery, shit its a long shot
im on one so make money, money make money
but if not i guess i gotta take from somebody
socking the haters thats trine jock on my flavor and style
full shots pop when i spot an imitator like blaow


tu vois débarquer 8 mc, 3 langues sur 2 beat 1 feat
une crise d’épilepsie tu crois nous virer
j’irais jusqu’au bout pour te prouver que c’est une ineptie
je t’amène en inertie dans le rap on c-sse le boom bap
on fuit les mzi a coup de claque lyrical
on voit plus loin qu’un system afocal, on se focalise nos rails
et nos bailles ont pas trop de details donc bye bye
j’emmerde ce faut rap genre driveby
moi c’est plutôt polo clio que le gringo en kashkai
“they’re coming in with fat lies
ye man thats why”
je prone la verite, de 2 langues j’ai hérite, j’ai pas besoin de t’expliquer appel moi terreur balance ton vers ton beat j’en fait un meilleur
frayeur pour tout les players
on t’amene 16 bars fois 8, t’espère battre ma clic
c’est claire percevere frère
mais sache que tu resteras le “der” des dernier de la terre ce rap est comme un putain de western qui fini par une fin tragique…


1 track 8 artists 16 bars
yippee-ki-yay motherf-ckers that’s right it’s a la carte
it was 1993 when i first made my mark
scaring the shit out of jeff goldblum in jur-ssic park
and raptor still got the spark
still building my bars so hard that i was sued for blatant patent infringement by tony stark
but the b-tch was chatting shit like ukip’s nigel farage
man and we merc them nazis like we were the raiders of the lost ark
going on dark like harrison ford in star wars
mate i’m raw like boba fett hunting intergalactic outlaws
learning all of my predatory instinct from jaws
and how to write an original soundtrack to win academy awards
my life’s like a scene out of wolf of wall street when i’m not rapping
my nightlife’s like a scene out of human traffic
so on any given sunday and after a big weekend
i go off like tony montana…
“say hello to my little friend”

[cypha k!lla] (a completer …)

[i&ideal] (a completer …)

[holly flo lightly] (a completer …)

[jace abstract] (a completer …)