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cbk – monde en cash lyrics



i break it on in, i take the globe and blaze up a spliff
change like the wind, look at the state that its been, or the state that its in
see the status is thin, respectfully i play to win
its like they came took everything away the human race begin
i’m thinking a lot like greece, start a m-ssive violent spree
upon the streets so even geezers fighting coppers
a city leaked with rat and flooded by gr-sshoppers
that leave you paralysed from the shoulders like rodney rogers
a world run by big drinkers who dismiss thinkers
but keep a frozen eye on your mind like fish fingers
don’t even care about the kid stabbed in his own road quick
so shut the f-ck up with all that bring maddy home shit
its just chit chit chatter, it doesn’t didn’t all matter
as long as they got you on camera, big brothers watching your mannor
your plans are plotting to grab ya, the hands on the clock are faster
this world turn disaster, straight into ash


mais que faut-il faire aujourd’hui pour se faire de l’argent?
le monde évolue, trop crue, nos chefs sont devenus barjot!


mais quel est l’état du monde?
sale, immonde frère, que tous nous salissons
je perd pied,putain sa me consterne, que les cons se taise
les jeunes se morfondent
et ouai c’est vrai ces cons se baisent la gueule entre eux
alors que plus haut sa reigne en vieu
beaucoup trop d’envieux de tous ces ‘scarlas’ qui transforment leurs reves en ‘beuz’
la vie c’est par la, mais sache qu’a chaques coins les rats se battent
les droites partent pendant que, tous ces connards disent faire de leur mieu
cessons l’hypocrisie, des gouvernement qui ont trop peu de couilles et beaucoup trop de zizi
les meme qui misent notre argent, sévissent et disent qu’en cas d’erreur
bah ‘y a méprise de monsieur l’agent’
donc je n’attends pas grand chose de ces mecs la
c’est sur le beat que je fais mon attentas
ce texte un constat, pas a l’amiable je suis pas la pour ca
je compte pas vivre sans tenter de combattre, des coups de batte au mic
mec c’est pour toi
c’est pour ca que tu dois representer ces phases a coup de watts !!!



the problems i see, there’s too many mans filled with greed
on that perpetual quest to achieve profitability
that would happily stand there and watch another man bleed
just to succeed in lining their pockets significantly
it’s no surprise that society’s morality subsides
just look at the exponential growth in the rich & poor divide
think of the soldiers on the world wars that gave their lives
the very vision of our forefathers completely defied
we can’t deny it, cos it’s our capitalist fate
it’s money not gravity that makes this world rotate
i stand up here on my soapbox but that’s my mistake
cos there ain’t a day goes by i don’t try to increase my estate
and now we’re heading for a crisis
we’ve given a platform to those fanatics that call themselves isis
now they’re going on dark
unrelenting ethnic cleansing on the streets of syria and northern iraq
i can’t believe those youts would even listen
strap a bomb to themselves and go off on their suicide missions
we’re too arrogant to realise
we’ve got a part to play in why the youth of today have become so f-cking disenfranchised
i mean would you really listen to the propoganda of that hook handed twat the radical cleric abu hamza
d-mn no i bet you’re thinking
but how many others were listening to that fascist prick nick griffin
that’s my point so please listen
cos there’s too many predators man too many potential victims
we can’t be so naive to believe as soon as we eradicate one wolf that another won’t succeed
if we’re gonna lead our kids away from the path to extremes
we’ve gotta fill their hearts with aspiration, give them some dreams
if we’re gonna choke the flames that these extremists stoke
it’ll be with the most powerful emotion on earth man…hope!