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cecilia palmer – iknewyou lyrics


spoken word: it’s funny– i thought– i thought i was gonna have three weeks to do this, turns out it’s due tomorrow…. oops

go on down to the river see my face beneath the water

try to save myself from drowning because i don’t even help the martyrs

i’m running through the red lights

see you better in the night

everyone knows your name but only i know your game

and its fake

everything that you do

have all these people think you’re telling the truth

i see right through your empty skull

the stares and the glares give me a lol

don’t look at me, i’ll probably get you back on your feet

they’ll know it’s me

leading up to this point, it all will be

spoken word:

i called out your name on an empty bus

screaming with pain into the dry dust

can you believe…
i made it here… i made it here

through every heartbeat built on fear

you were the one who made me see

there really was much more to me

there really was much much more to me

you were the one who made me see

you were the one

you’re still the one