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ceeingee – frat 2: the fratuel lyrics


gosh, my whole life i’ll be writing disses -yawns-
okay, you asked for it mister
[verse 1]
you say my nick diss is cr-p, well let me hear you rap
you have a horrible taste if you think my raps are not good, you’re such a time waste
you say i’m g-y out of the blue, well, you’re super g-y and that’s just you
you think you can insult people and think they’ll k!ll themselves
most people who you insult will be laughing at you with a good result
the result is that they’ll be making so much money and cash with their sh-t
you’ll be making nothing but sh-ts in the toilet, you f-ckin’ t-t
you can’t even write a good rap, i don’t think you do anyway
you think you’re the ruler and the mr. know it all
let’s play ball if you think you can f-ck with me
let’s see how this sh-t will turn out
i bet it’ll turn out to be more rubbish than your att-tude, punch your -ss out
come on, let’s battle
me and you, come on, i wanna see if you have the guts and b-lls
i bet you don’t, you’ll only have the sh-ts and the life falls
beat you in a community hall and leave you soaked in your own blood
choke you til you can’t breath, stamp on your nose til your nose starts to bleed
leave you alone waiting for god to save your -ss
you’ll be dying and crying cause you’ll be in pain
waiting for the death train and the angels l1cking your brain
ha, i’m extreme but that’s just me
i’ll rap about anything, even k!lling a cat while it’s meowing for it’s life
if you were that cat, you’ll be on the ground stabbed with a kitchen knife
frat, you are the homicide of rap
frat, you are the suicide of hip-hop
you’ll think you can do sh-t but not expect to get back sh-t
frat, frat, you are just a lowlife raaaat
[verse 2]
oh, f-ck this
i’mma make myself useful and become so famous
you’ll never wanna live again
just wait til you’ll be k!lled by me and my homie origan
he’ll k!ll you alright, with a gat so big that it’s bigger than an ak or an rpg
you’ll be blown to bits and all your guts will be all over the place
i’ll laugh at you and show out my evil to you
i’m not an angel myself but i’m a lot bad than you
i’m so wicked that i’ll skin you alive and cook your intestines for dinner
i don’t know if you’ve even noticed but i’m a right good sinner
i’ll sin and sin til it’s too late for me to be forgiven by god
i’ll sin and sin til i come and steal your d-mn ipod, if you have one that is
you don’t even think that i’m so tough enough to get you, you better know it bruv
i’mma be the most baddest rapper that you’ve ever heard
you’ll be dead in the street and people walking by you cause they never cared
you think you can be better than me, ha, you’re a joke
i hope you go to lunch and choke
i hope you beg for mercy and cry while you die
you d-ckhead b-st-rd, it’ll be your last ever to live in this world you r-t-rd
i don’t care about you, you can beg on your knees for me to spare your life
i’ll not do it, i’ll k!ll you, even if it is with a machete or cheese knife
i don’t give a f-ck yo, now let’s beef motherf-cker, let’s go
frat, you are the homicide of rap
frat, you are the suicide of hip-hop
you’ll think you can do sh-t but not expect to get back sh-t
frat, frat, you are just a lowlife raaaat
[verse 3]
as i f-ck you up in the -ss, you spas
you f-ckin’ d-mn motherf-ckin’ r-t-rd
you better know that i’ll beat ya like tyson
i’ll bite off your ear frat, i’ll do it the tyson way
you motherf-ckin’ -ss
you should apply for rap cl-ss, you’ll never p-ss
you’ll fail all the way you f-ckin’ g-y
you d-mn spas, you d-mn -ssh0l- let’s go
i’mma shout my flow, bring it on and begin the show
the show must go on and on, i’ll f-ckin’ k!ll ya -ss with a sharp bull h-rn
i might just f-ck your -ss with it, make you sh-t bricks
brick sh-t, just take the hit you dipsh-t
all you f-ckin’ come out with is bullsh-t, gettin’ sick of it
i hate to read your raps because it gives me the runs
you f-ckin’ -ss, like your rap puns
i got better ones, it’s better than yours
i’mma be a scientist and invent brain dead cures
you’ll not like your hands on it though
your brain can’t get cured, not never
you f-ckin’ d-ck, you make me sick to the stomach
i’ll give you ache, headache is the best to give to you
i’ll give you migraines, beat you to death and leave blood stains
i’ll wipe of my dna and leave you there to die like a stupid g-y