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cerberus – brighter beginnings lyrics


this a letter to myself
old me looking at new me, still tryna be himself
lullabies don’t represent me, id rather make a hymn
in this ocean full of lies, mind grew weary of whims
wanted to be the lord of the flies, but couldn’t govern myself
but my youth is a blessing in disguise, through your beady eyes
dark thoughts that ate me alive, negativity rotted my strenghts
danced with my demons in musical chairs, now i solidified my spot
detached from the the homies we had no match in this melting pot
had to change the recipe, diminish the enemy
had to find the missing piece for my inner me
no longer puzzled .rest in p to my pop
i keep folding in, eliminate the saltiness
minimize the sweetness and bitterness
add a lil childishness to network my cartoons
my chemical x is i wasn’t born with a silver spoon
i was such a dreamer, levitated over ya head
now my feet be leveled to the ground, so ahead
of the curve when you lost in the words
kicked to the curb i was lost in the blur
you think life is just a fairytale
but this the type of fairytale that doesn’t end well, farewell
an amus+m+nt park with an endless fare, you chase your own tail
pay debt until you dead
i became stoic, guess that has always been in my demeanor
i guess i deem meaner cuz my thoughts got clearer
i got my own back and my back packed
don’t need help, i’m bringing some backpack rap
fill it with goals, cuz they be in the bag
i’m a d+mn survivor, built a rock steady hardship
used to be afraid of the water, i was sea sick
got through waves of depression and heartbreak
livin my best life, never felt so awake

[hook ]
i came a long way
from darkest hours to brighter beginnings
i came a long way
from being a lost dude to having a purpose
i came a long way
from being down in the mud to cloud nine
i came a long way ay
i came a long way

[verse 2]
now i got my girl showing me nothing but love and support
motivated h+lla educated, accomplished my mission, i didn’t abort
did this sh+t legally, so i didn’t have to ball in courts
i escaped my mental prison, formerly a number on the boards
i’m grateful that i’m alive no longer hateful
with my own person cuz i survived
could have taken a faster lane and die
but i took things slowly so i could enjoy the ride
so shawty, don’t k!ll my d+mn vibe
hustled so f+cking hard to drop this record
blood sweat and tears on the floor, that got you floored
this year been full of ups and downs like a bungee cord
one minute i was disparaging, next minute i went overboard
had the balance in my account, my life still lacked an equilibrium
i move at my steady pace, keep myself in my safe place
the only constant i value is time
they say time is money, see the rolex, it’s foreign
but sh+t i would never put a f+cking price tag on it
reminiscing on the days we didn’t have much
i wasn’t craving materialistic sh+t and such
f+ck it having less really meant a lot more
life wouldn’t been such a chore if i had it all
if i didn’t have to work hard to be me
i would get lost in the crowd like everyone else b
shoutout to my uncle for finding me some work as a construction worker
climbing up the scaffold, hard to get to the top of the rap game
i’m pushin further
future never on hold so behold
this is my story and it must be told
sh+t went all out in a flash dang
with this bomb ass album
i got you deaf like a flashbang

listen listen
i honestly have to thank music for being here
i wanted to give up on everything so many times
but music kept me up in tough times and cheered me up when no one else could
everytime the pen hit the paper, it was so mesmerizing
this passion i have for music is insane
it’s unimaginable
i also suffer a lot when i write music
it’s part of the creative process
all the thoughts and energy i put into it
sometimes it breaks me
that’s how passionate i am about it
it keeps me up at night
everyone talks about the finish line and all of that
but no one talks about the run and the hurdles
the finish line is an epilogue that things turned aight in the end
but it brings you immense satisfaction
my advice is whatever your path in life is, never give up on your passion
because that passion is your gift for us: the people