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cerberus shoal – the land we all believe in lyrics


[verse 1]
four walls
there’s nothing inside
saltwater marks
the p-ssing of time
so create a home
build it up on one side
work in the evenings
long mornings and nights
to create a place to hide
spend time making sure you’re not forgetting
honor all the gods to your favor
call it all, professed before your time

[verse 2]
the tattered sea
a strip of land behind
and why beside a foot misplaced
pattern seeked
or pattern soaked
eloquent, indeed
or breed morals
in the fishtank
of your servitude smiling
wiping the p-ss of life into your eyes
ol’ yellowed edges

[verse 3]
reality, you are not
quite what you used to be
with cane in hand
and shrinking spine
it seems a life
will take its time
or possibly
time takes a life
to see
its own peculiar anatomy

the land we all believe in