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ch6t god – grack to grack lyrics


yo johan
not again
not again

[verse 1: ch6t god]
i learned this shit from senpai desti
you can never test me

nani and desro using autism like lethal weapons. ([?])
nani and desro still pretending it’s 2011
nani and desro need the larvae to teach them a lesson

you’re not important
you’re very pretentious
when you look back you’ll see that this just gave steven attention

but tigerlily is weighing heavy on my conscience
no you ain’t left the boy no options

see terésa you went insane
why’d you have to step out of your f-cking lane?
why’d you have to start mentioning steven’s name?
why’d you have to suck sc2 d-ck for fame?

see, once you left
no one asked where ya’ll at
you weren’t even missed
b-tch we missed your cat. (kingsley)

find your keys yet, hoe?
where they at?
we all saw your nudes
girl, one word, flat

i mean, woah
can’t fool the larvae, girl
they know what’s up

chat going angelthump while you

. (yee)
browsing liquipedia for a pro to hump
you should go to meltdown and get stephano drunk

got the meme’s in me
going grack to grack
got the meme’s in me
going grack to grack
got the meme’s in me
going grack to grack

took a break from ladder
now i’m back to that