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chakkra tara – fallen lyrics


[intro: chakkra tara]

came so far
don’t know where god will lead us next but
only time will tell
came this far
run up

[verse: chakkra tara]

do you believe in a god
do you believe in these lies
do you believe that its time
do you believe that the blood on my hands that i hold is my brothas
look me in the eyes
do i look alive
or do you see death in my future
its something that troubles my mind
at the age of 11 i learned i was nothing shy from the fear they hide
i’m a monster to many full of henney so much emotion inside
you don’t know what its like to be taken away from the peace
i was given way back in the day i was so full of life
now i don’t feel safe anymore
those days p-ssed a long time ago
where i could live some more
hoping i make it to see 21
working so hard so my mother can see me on tv and yell out “yes that is my son”
you see letting go
my best lesson in life
would it safice
if i gave you back everything that i instilled in my life
would everything i’ve done back in the day be put on the line
you’ll know when someone is really about you these opportunity’s man i had to climb
why you ashamed by the silence
why do you live so defiant
some people care more about their own feelings than anyone dying, d-mn
young hot ebony yea girl i see you
seems like everybody tryna be you
cause you doin numbers on numbers on numbers
used to miss you
till i woke from my slumber
now every night i’m up till 5 in the morning just tryna be better
creating these moments
cause i won’t be here for too long
i won’t be here for too long
so i hope that one day when my babies get older they’ll play daddy’s song
but that’s not important
no that’s not important
the police protect who they
been trained to protect
that’s another story
for another time
so many youngins like me who are k!lled at the top of they prime
and black kids playen dead
so they can survive
and i wish i could hear from my choir the reason why we are so hated and pushed to the side a solution is dire
i pray yall get to live and grow
and watch all of your grand babies rise up a moment of silence a moment of silence
a moment of silence no more mercy that will be left inside us, left inside us

[verse 2: chakkra tara]

i pray none of yall become hashtags
in a body bag in that road
this one for all of my boys on the road
reppen that dirty dirty on the go
this one for my boys that made it back home
from the 202 the 404 215 609 212 305 till we die
still we rise
wait a while
don’t tell me now
this our sound
this our sound
i made a plate to save some space for saving grace and but saying grace
we can’t relate cause prayer is gone along with faith the love can wait
but make no mistake i will erase the things you claimed you did create
cause in the game there’s expiration dates
and all yall are my pray
none of yall have a say
do you regret yesterday
cause ill make you rethink of today
get back under your covers
when demons awake
im an angel that’s fallen but i am so proud of
the outcome no matter what anyone say
yes i gave up on people i loved
at times i did things ill never speak of
the only one here is my lord up above
i don’t care for the petty cause nothing just seems to be steady
i don’t know if i will come back to the city cause times here are rough don’t believe they will let me
i lied so much how could a brotha forget me i did too much tryna get yall to accept
me my brothas they tell me i’m hard on myself
but i think cause i’ve yet to love myself
i just wish i could go get some help i just wish i could get some help
but for now ima k!ll everybody n-body can stop me or top me or
drop me from body to body i never knew that i would make it yea i thought u forgot me
man i don’t want to say it but
go head and take it
i don’t need that a list
i just need one playlist
don’t care for awards
i just want a placement
up in heavens gates
beside all the patience
king chakkra
the lord knows me well as the fallen
watch how you take it
shout out to the
brothas who are in fear of their
i pray you make it
i pray you make it
king chakkra