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champ maske – sosa vandross lyrics


(future intro)

[verse one champ]


back to the wall
my money stacked taller than
kevin durant
(kevin durant)
keep on my side that boost mobile
i hit her like b-tch where u at
(b-tch where u at)

runnin the city
my team is behind me
yo b-tch in the front

fight club the team b-tch i throw it up

you know that’s my blood pray we never clot

yo team light
what it be like
steady swingin’ on hoes need three strikes

n-gg-s know i hold the flow like three pipes
and we all got the strap like three dyk-s
get it

jordan game six
you ballin’ w a cold n-gg-

and my spit game sick
you f-ckin’ w a cold n-gg-

i’m as nice as the ice polar caps on n-gg-

tell them haters take a knee to the god
tim tebow

f-ck them n-gg-s talkin’ shit i’m sosa vandross

i keep that maze up in my pocket getcha -ss lost

if n-gg-s ain’t know i rep the ville off the bat
if yo girl come around put a tree on her back
boutta hit it 10 times mike bibby with the sac
might f-ck round catch a f-cking ring w d sac

like d-mn
n-gg-s talkin’ all that noise but ain’t bout no danger
i got this shit on lock b-tch i think i’m kurt angle
my girl geometry her legs obtuse angles
i get to trick’n disappear i’m chris angel