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chandler rogers – indisposed lyrics


i look for love on earth, to find and find again
from to this side i’ve walked, i ask if it exists

no one bother me, as i explore the truth
i’ve looked through everything, i don’t know what to do, i

need purpose
i’m still learning
i’m hurting
is this pain i feel true?

is this pain i feel true?

then it goes, then it goes, then it goes, then it goes
then it goes over my head
now it’s gone over my head
it’s going over my head
but when it goes to my head

i don’t want to feel like this
i can’t say i love myself

and then i’m back here again
i hate being back here again
if i could do it again
i wouldn’t do it again, no

i’ve searched all of the world for you
convinced myself that i can’t do this

without you

without you