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charles hamilton – so tired lyrics


[intro: chad]
all the pain i see
you gotta strive for something
more friendly
don’t be lazy

[verse 1: chad]
it’s been a long time still patient with this rapping
still second guessing like “is it gonna happen?”
i can’t be depressed
let me catch my breath, if i drop the pen and pad then it’s pain up in my chest
[?] death to success in this shit that i see
we all know, when you on top there’s envy
but i need that new bentley, doing one fifty
know that imma hustle till them n-gg-s come get me
and the grind won’t get me where the bars don’t send me
i’m always driving just to get it, me and charles is committed
this is more than a gimmick, pure bars by the minute
so n-gg- you should listen, the kid is really gifted
give a f-ck about the stars cause the sky is the limit

[hook: charles and chad] x 2
the things i’ve said, the things i did
i’ve made mistakes but now
i’m so tired
while you can’t laugh at death and cry at birth
never said you can’t do it till you try it first

[verse 2: charles hamilton]
twenty seven hour days, haven’t showered in days
my world is shakespearean hope tahou arth amazed
full course meal is mountain dew a f-cking brownie and haze
yet still i’m not all about getting paid
my mouth is a gauge
my brain is a banana clip
can’t think in airports cause they might try to slam me in a cell somewhere
think i got an apartment at h-ll somewhere
mama i love you, but you the main source of my pressure
i spit crack but it’s important to measure my work by my pyrex, mother
mama for you, i would quit rap
but you raised up a rebel
so if you said stop the only way that i would stop is if i died from head shots
i’d still keep rocking even if the bread stops
even when the hood stops saying demev’s hot
even these white people stop saying demev rocks
this shit is in my blood, that’s why i do it heavily
that time i cut my wrist i swear to god i heard a melody
call me what you want but i’m something that you’ll never be
charles hamilton the biggest paradox you’ll ever see

(keep giving it a hundred percent)
(i don’t know how much i got left)

[hook] x 2

[interlude: charles and layvelle]
i stand in the line of fire
but yet i’m so cold
but yet i’m so bold
but yet i’m so scared
(i’m so scared)

i stand with the wigs of an angel
but yet i can’t fly
but yet i can’t cry
but yet i can’t die
(i can’t die)
i’m here forever

[hook] x 2

[outro: layvelle wims]
i’m tired of the pain
i’m tired of the way
i’m tired of the game, i’m tired of the
i’m tired
yea yeah
ooooh yea yeah
uuuuuh huhh
i’m so tired