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charles hamilton – syrup and butter lyrics


look what you did! started a movement, with just your two lips!who can move in and make a child with you? say, it’s sacred geometry goin out with you! i know how to fit in but i mind my business when i hit the loud. i get high then i get down. which way out of the house? i don’t wanna be embarr-ssed. so i would rather be in marriage, with a chick so bad, she could have kids and keep the figure, bein 8, in her face! so beautiful, get replaced! it’d never happen, so imagine, the chick who i’m talkin about often walks around with my style!

somethin so sweet, so smooth!
can you “?” with me!?
i got something so sweet, so smooth!
ill let you bite on me..

i promise not to lie, as long as i can provide, dollar signs and the bottom line! i’m the s in sega and the dollar sign, but i got two lines that got me off. and i’m not tryna talk about ’em. cause i don’t like to look at the past; that was lookin in the book. now i have to laugh when the rhythm asks me to black! cause black people are all rhythm, y’all get em? speak to me, let me take the lead then beat me w the leash! when i bite the right person. weird, harlem, i’m the nice person. like juice! like i’m the truth! nice in the booth, i ain’t write this, woo!


“?” got em sayin they can’t wait. vacation time i can’t stay away! d-mn, this lady got her hands and goin crazy with her mouth! d-mn, maybe a baby will be up in the house. but i need to provide, pink lavalamp style! d-mn, i’ll go back there when i have a clamp on the game. cause right now it’s clam chowder for dinner! imagination! not really broke, just mad at hating cats with cash! lotta n-gg-s is after cash, and i’m after bein satan; that’s it! shouldn’t rap anymore, put the muzzle on me or get the f-ckin army! don’t cross me, don’t guard me. no cross n guard for me, i’m off beat…