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charlie leee – turkish delight lyrics


verse 1

f-ck it
who you looking at?
my potents, stashed between the ears
and i got some floaties, for you, boasting
katana slash you
what you wanna do?
charlies army is here, marty blaxton
slicing dice quicker than eye lids
skin thicker, sicker
damien is here
he ain’t going anywhere
stare me down, yeah
the golden flames possessed in my brain
same as pen touching the paper, ignited the flow


lie to me, lie to me
all you ever do is open ya trap
and mother f-cking lie to me lie to me
why should i even let you breath
my herb grin it snicker
one eyed open when i sleep
lie to them, lie to them
all you ever do is
real em in and f-ck with ya fishies
im going to the church in the morning with a knife
slit ya wrist, mourning another life

verse 2

round 2
coming with that dirty flow painting
turpentine equipped, sipped hallucination
yea ya can’t clean me
coz the paint is permanent
sounds maybe be true
but the verse is burned with ink
and i’m spreading the word
like a local disease, focal on point then say cheese
i got choke holds i seal fates its rocky
im punch lining priests, still lone as i sleep

verse 3

i f-cking stabbed him
in the back with a knife
a back stabbing boyo rest in soil
the loyal foiled ya life
and no more abused boyo’s fearing the night
the score settled delight a turkish f-ck born to die
blood all over my wrist, every angel above
said gods fathers don’t deserve this
i claimed a thrill and a fix, to innocence
burnt remains, acidic’s that i spit

outro x2

im covered up in blood, im covered up in blood
im covered up in blood, theres blood on my wrist