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charmzy – blind lyrics


intro (fang dope)

when fang dope and charmzy in the building you know everything lit you know what i’m saying (sheesh) …look fang dope in the building he got bars and etcetera

verse 2 (fang dope) :

real savage that’s my n-gga
don’t dream bigger do bigger
that’s my n-gga say r.i.p to you c digga (activis)
couple bandz don’t ask me more my n-gga
many pushy trucks stunt born my n-gga
don’t know why they hate maybe he stash my n-gga
i’d really love to stay but eyy
i gotta go pull up by your b-tch’s first (alright look)
my endo gang (gang)
b-tches f-ck em all because they all got the chang
fang in the gang (gang , bang)
n-gga so saucy you can see him dripping red (ice)
ice on my chain
caught a cold froze everything
fang dope gon keep wearing this ish because he know no gain gonna come without pain (fang)