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che noir & big ghost ltd – quiet moves lyrics


yo, look

the n+ggas that y’all hype, i feel like they don’t rap that nice
trash bag rhymes, nah, n+gga, pass that mic
and if you clap once at me, then i’ma clap back twice
then watch your body on the news as i relax at night
at times we struggled, had nowhere to turn, that’s when i missed my dad
huh, sometimes i grieved the parent that i wish i had
got it on my own, i got it slow, then i flipped it fast
my aura hard to read like it’s chicken+scratched
i’m better with sk!lls, my people fed up for real
history of a system that left us set up and k!lled
they wanna see us fail, it never was fair
blacks on one side and whites on the other, that’s cruella de vil
i always knew the hardest ones would be the best wars fought
i ran up a check until the sweat poured off
i like to eat at restaurants where they cook the food in front of you, i’m sippin’ wine, tellin’ the chef, “more salt”
yeah, to see a check, he was riskin’ his safety
do drug numbers like mike cds did in the ’80s
i told my man i need a ring before i give him a baby
one regret, i got money and started spendin’ it crazy
d+mn, the power of movin’ silent and keepin’ a secret
’cause even the quiet dummy can sing like a g+nius
i been talented since my birth, i was deep as a fetus
i was powerful with my words, could turn demons to jesus