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checkoyg – i don’t care (remix) lyrics


i don’t care for no b#tch
if she feel the same then i bet she going snitch
all these other rappers be talking that smack tho
all fun and games till they run out of ammo
it be friday night and you know we just chillin
this crazy beat be making my head spin
like polo g we goin pop out with the gang
you be having fun till you hear that loud bang

i be coming out strong
it’s probably all that weed that i’m smoking from the bong
let me just give a shout out to the slimes
they all be rapping, committing no crimes
your b#tch she bad and she give me that head
run up your sh#t and we pop you with led
better watch out cause i will make her mine
pulled up on that b#tch and i gave her some time

i can see that fake smile
all of you b#tches just f#ck for my lifestyle
get you all of these jewellery that just shines so bright
but your feelings on the inside are black like the night
let me make it clear that i don’t look for clout
someday i’ll get it and i have no doubt
but for the meantime ill just stick with rapping
the clique running up so gotta stay strapping

æro and checko don’t care for no b#tch
we run with a gang and we always get rich
your b#tch she bad and she give me that lip
i’m loading those .40’s right into that clip
it do not matter when i f#ck on that hoe
when we pull up it finna be a show
haven’t dropped a song it has been like a year
but now i am back and i must make it clear