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cheesestick – downtown lyrics


[verse 1]
keep rolling
i’m rolling
i’m smoking these blunts
imma bang on my chest to the beat of the drums
just for fun
dumb b-tches twirling their thumbs
and get on there to knees just to drink all my juice
f-ck if she boujie
married to jane i don’t f-ck with no loosie
she think she my main but she nothin but a groupie
smoking this good and it make me get loopy
i pull up and swerve
get in my way you about to get curved
the way i ball out is completely absurd
to fight is ridiculous
dead or a live man they think that i’m jadakiss
i gotta grind hard ain’t no time to be negative
f-cking these girls but i never had any kids
got the baddest b-tch and she never the henny drip
walking down my street and i never got the empty clip

beat the pussy up and that b-tch she goin be h-lla sore
brother gotta eat and imma feast just like a dinosaur
people hurry i got no time to be waiting
never tame the beast cuz it’s my time for the taking
i’ve been pretty hungry, been chasing this chicken
but you know i gotta chill and smoke an l in my kitchen
go inside my room and take a dive in these b-tches
people talking shit got no time to dig ditches

[verse 2]
but i’m bringing the heat
and i live in a home but my sound from the streets
now remember my name cuz it first starts with cheese
than ends with stick
do not chase any girls cuz they ask for the d-ck
hit than you quit
she walkin with shame cuz she know what she did
now i’m taking a smoking break…

[verse 3]
man i came in this world and not asking for nothing
can’t stand all the lies cuz i see through the bluffing
man its disgusting
more k!lling and thugging
less breathing and loving
your life it mean nothing
but d-mn that’s the truth
and while i’m still here spend my life in the booth
keep working hard don’t make an excuse
don’t care for my life don’t got nothing to lose
it’s sad but the truth
stay in the light but i am a recluse
i keep my mind focused instead of reckless
im grinding all night man eating breakfast
my bad little thing want another neckless
having no worries she know i finnesse
it’s all about time till they take off they dress
she popping that pussy just like its balloons
and rage to the beat and go ham like baboons

it ain’t over

cuz the game a bunch of trash and it’s feaning for the realist
going through these b-tches like i’m checking off some hit list
getting to this chicken like i’m cooking in the kitchen
os be flipping
taking shrooms and than i’m tripping
talking smack, getting cracked, don’t play games pistol whipping
i ain’t playing
bam knock you out goin see squid ink
white f-cking canvas tat me up just like kid ink
tell em giddy up
but they holding their horses
f-cking these hoes so they all get divorces
speaking your mind but i don’t
hear your voice
now you blame other people but i say its your choice
and you blowing my phone up i turned off my inbox
shoot while you running b-tch i’m calling that red socks