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chelsea grin – my damnation lyrics


“my d-mnation”

my d-mnation.

look through my eyes and you decide if i’m a human being,
my soul was ripped from me.

take me away.
i’ll go down to the depths of this nightmare made real.
taunted by demons, their voices so shrill.
i can feel the agony of the tortured souls tormenting me.
exhume my mangled flesh and take me away from this death.

liberate me.
this wasn’t meant to be.
oh dear god, my eyes burned through my head.
why can i still see?

stop the flow of my beating heart,
suck the air from my blackened lungs.
and now you can see,
what i came to be.
you too will die,
and forever burn with me.
burn with me.
make my soul cease to exist.
my d-mnation.
follow me to the depths.
my d-mnation now.

my d-mnation.
cleanse my soul of sin.
oh god please save me!
cleanse my soul of sin.

take me away from this.

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