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chemlab – queen of despair (lay back and rock mix) lyrics


i’m a sp-ce cadet
i’ll be the first to admit it
feeling inundated with surface noise skip
swamped with static hiss crackle blip
feel like i’m wound too tight
mainline the power grid tonight

hooked up to the tv iv
drain drain all day
whispers quietly away
klips and blips
steer me out into the stream
of channel-scratching noise
and away from the world

sp-ce cadet
i’ll be the first to admit it
i’m double-sided in three ways

fractionalised behind bit-mapped eyes
i miss your digitised face
broken in pixelate

come unglued
stretch out your strands
and i’ll connect with you
disconnect with you

stubbed out your frustration
in my ashtray hole
in my black-and-blue soul

pour my brain into a paper cup and
scr-pe myself across the universe

i’ll be your king of decay
if you’ll be my queen of despair
we’ll make a lovely desperate pair