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chevelle – got burned lyrics


[verse 1]
give us a sign that part of you lives that n-body knows
now watch your back in defense, dirty fallen egos
it’s halloween, never seen jedi walls that crawl
hold up your hand to the blade, say you’ll never denounce

don’t get me started on this
you picked the best of the worst
sadly you better expect to get burned
we got a minute to spend
we’d better stand it on end
i’ll never settle, i planned to get burned

my sober friends

[verse 2]
and yet still, they’re calling us out
and yet still, we’ll never admit


it took this, stabbed in the back
it took this my sober friends
my sober friends

it took this, stabbed in the back

[chorus] x2

it took this, it took this
stabbed in the back
my sober friends