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chief a’baby lantana – 8. feeling myself (gucci & glocks vol.1) lyrics



young boys turn into grown men

beautiful women an some corverts

the finest linnen on, an a rolex

hot as, hot as h-ll an its no sweat


*so tell me how you feeling right now

*man just give me a second just vibe just chill

x8 im feeling myself


well first of all i’m tired of all the bullshit an stressing

and ole cones always tryna teach ah ni**ah lessons

my father not dead, so why you always tryna a step in

keep yah thoughts in yah head i got no time for your lessons

shoot ah ni**ah cash an ill sit through your lesson

its sad cause you can’t come up with a couple dollars

its sad cause the money that you thrown is monopoly!

although i’ve solved all my problems
why you still watching me

waite i think i no what it is

you gon tell me when i do bad repent for my sins

or i need to change my ways sizing me like a kid

i’m tired of yah constant nagging

ion really wanna hear it

acting like a leader, when you followed in fear

now you tryna keep secret. like ah diary that’s pear

i’m different
anything else you wanna hear

i toat notes, like i right little messages

doped up on sike meds an spitting shit

tryna get a kite to my dawg, for ah easy-z hit

if i set it off, just no ah ni**ah gon be a hit

i’ve been off the porch for a while now
ah little min

i don’t sell no c-ke to the wires
just the skirsafrensik

free my ni**ah jaysix, locked up for the mdma

can’t forget about the armed lick

taking b-tches money, clearing off in foreign wips

he don’t gotta prove himself cause he on that


f-ck ah heater, we drawn sticks don’t be alarmed trick

all about the dollars counting money till we yawn b-tch

steady with a foreign b-tch, cause my ni**ah wounderbread

fam six ent

“brother sage what it g”