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chief keef & fredo santana – bodies on the ground lyrics


[intro: chief keef]
sosa baby you know how i’m rockin’ baby
like cut off stockins’ baby keep kush in my pocket baby
all designer get your grind up
got a breitling for the time up
big boss fredo you know how i’m rockin’ squad sh-t
gang in this b-tch n-gga

[hook: chief keef & fredo santana]
baby girl you know i got the heat
baby girl you know i got the g’s
baby girl you know i live that life
baby girl you know i got that ice
walked in this b-tch
smellin’ like a pound
god d-mn gas so loud
hunnid round choppa
that b-tch go graaa
bang bang bang couple bodies on the ground

[verse 1: chief keef]
pull up on you smokin’
18 wheel rollin’
it’s a problem, smoke ’em
we ain’t gotta choke ’em
i don’t need no holster
it’s on my hip and i’ma blow it
what you bang, where you hang
i got bbrr-bird money birdman
menace to society i’m caine
pull up in that thang that b-tch stain

[verse 1: fredo santana]
savage squad, glo gang
k!lla a n-gga watch ’em die dang
we don’t give a f-ck, we insane
skurt-skurt pull up in that range
bullets goin’ crazy, wu-tang
check my resume, i do thangs
tell he whipped j-panese b-tches eatin’ sushi
suck me so good d-mn, think they’s my new boo thang


[verse 2: chief keef]
pull up in a trucks
buck to the buck
cut to the cut
n-gga what to the what
n-gga nuck if you buck
i’m high speed wish ya luck
i tote an hk, fredo tote on a glock
he sippin’ on lean i be smokin’ on stuff
drills i go through with it n-gga ain’t no foldin’ up

[verse 2: fredo santana]
n-gga ain’t no foldin’ up
my money ain’t even foldin’ up
just bought a condo
d-mn that b-tch is big as f-ck
baby mamma suck my d-ck
she might just get some kicks or sum
trickin’ ain’t nothing if you got it and i am rich as f-ck