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chinkees – you don’t know lyrics


i take a look around at all the sights and’s
such a big world, big place, big deal.
the different faces, big and tall, short and small.
i think of god and all of his creations.
you wear the wrong clothes, you say the wrong things.
you’re preaching unity, but you’re doing the same thing.
you see it doesn’t matter what you look like or talk
you open up your minds until you meet them in person.

you don’t know — there’s something different in all of
us anyway
you don’t know — they all laugh at you for wearing
everyday fashions
you don’t know — your hair is long and you listen to
you don’t know — want to be different when you can’t be
your own self
and this is my scene, and this is your scene and
instantly i think i’m better than everything.
i like people for what’s inside.
they use their own minds, don’t what other people think.
you can be a punk, mod, hippie, christian, anarchist,
jock, nerd, preppie, hey!
what i’m trying to say is: ‘people can be jerks no matter
what they look like and people can be great in exactly
the same way!’