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chip – so sophisticated lyrics


i’m so sophisticated
deals on the table
like what’s the payment
negotiating new negotiations
i’m busy rapping
my n-ggas trapping
we make it happen
same sh-t different toilet
all bars in a package
how you want it you can get it
yea, that’s direct with no debit
ok, i met this chick in rose club
i was with joe, that’s my breadrin
her skin colour was b-tter
i took her home spread it(ugh)
these rappers are sniffing lines
but they ain’t spittin’ no crack
needle in my veins, only when i get tatts
my n-ggas got that be around
like they bout their honey
so if your a broke joke
you won’t find me funny
kicking ball with my n-ggas
just minding my own buiss
three n-ggas tried rush me
that’s two flaps on the cl-t,p-ssies
i ain’t with all the g talk
i’m laid back but i c4
they came in on some g flex
back fired, rebores
i’m screaming north side birthed me
i’m never switching sides, i ain’t van persie
lions, gorillas, snakes, animals but they know me
north london’s one big jungle
well f-ck it, im mowgli
i’m sick and tired of these grown men with women traits
b-tches is b-tches
n-ggas is b-tches
it’s all the same
you probaly love your chick
but she just loves to rave
that’s why i never love a chick
and only love to chase
i don’t care for these pr-cks
too busy gettin rich
ram roll me a spliff
two pulls them im miff, sh-t
my stress could never be no chick
but to all you girls that are tripping
i hope you land on my d-ck(ugh)
my ability is all that i believe in
screaming free smit until they freed him
just got a box of the trees in
blunt full of pro
green call it steven
one party, two parties
what’s the after one
i never hit a house rave till like after one
egg maybe, hot lighty
yea im after one
b-tches on the pill and not the morning after one
i think out of the box when i spit
you pop a lacative
you still wouldn’t come up with this sh-t
i go so in with the words
write a racket then serve
swinging like murray for britain
i get love for a verse(ugh)
yea, like f-ck you and your wealth fam
my mixtape be on the way and so is you girl fam
them rappers cool
but im the hottest write now
and london boys a broken lift
i promise it won’t let you down, i swear

and that’s grand hustle, hustle gang
cmar that’s cash motto always recording
(chuckles) yah