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chloe lilac – answer – 5.22am lyrics


[verse 1]
wonder who you answer to
used to say i couldn’t hate you
but people change
and i would say that i do

[verse 2]
answer to
but why’d you never answer
fought for you
and spent myself till it hurt

i could say it’s not that deep
but this wasn’t fair
cause love is cruel
ooh and i’ve been fooled

[verse 3]
who did you answer to
when i was comin’ over
half past two
and now i know the truth hurts

[verse 4]
thought i’d lose you
back when it was colder
all those nights
my head was on your shoulder
[verse 5]
sat outside
and smoked until my lungs hurt
cut my hip
you cried till it was over

cause all those nights
yeah you were thinkin’ ’bout her
now i know
why you would never answer