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cho$en the emcee – glasshouse lyrics


like throwing rocks at a gl-sshouse
these corny n-ggas never knowing what they rap about
you ain’t bussin shots n-gga, you ain’t holding a glock n-gga
y’all fragile like throwing rocks at a gl-sshouse

just sounds so lovely right?
this goes out to all these wack mother f-ckas rapping out here, go get a job

[verse 1: cho$en]
a rapping nostradamus my concepts attack ya conscious
dropping knowledge i’m an atheist to all of you false prophets
sitting in a padded room with my soul under my shoes
singing the blues resurrecting boom baps from the tombs
reaching rapid discoveries of life and other luxuries
i try to leave but gravity’s pulling up under me
wearing the face of destiny manifested in front of me
praying on me to lead but please all i see is tumbleweeds
similar to the blind trying to lead the blind leader
fell submersed in the waters washed in the blood of jesus
these grown man bars is something you gotta deal with
foolish to play russian roulette with a full clip..
but yo..
how did we get so stereotypical?
though the thought of us letting go is quite difficult
facing the reflection of my pen reaching its pinnacle
going toe to toe with these odds is looking quite minimal..

[hook] x2

[verse 2: cho$en]
what’s life without existence though we see right through the prisms
freedom or jail in these bars while my people flood the prisons
just so hard to listen we’re trapped in a flawed system
given heaven or h-ll? but we never got the decision
dived in like kamikazes on auto pilot can’t stop me
tokyo drift on you haters i’m eating steak and teriyaki
embodying what the world just saw as a carbon copy
but it’s probably in the art that separates the quality
the girl of my dreams told me to keep dreaming
but the voices in my head told me to keep scheming
like everything that happens for a certain reason
and we live out our lives trying to find the meaning
circ-mcise circ-mstances with chances of happy endings
but the clock, never stops, just full of new beginnings
but yo i’m never kidding around like abortion clinics, i meant it
if there’s a chance for me to k!ll it, know i’m in it..