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chris brown – niggas in paris (freestyle) lyrics


(feat. t-pain)

it’s your turn chris
lets go baby
i said lets goooo…

[chris brown]
look, i just came to get rid of every n-gg-
to murder every rapper, watch a n-gg- come up outta me
i’m stuntin’ hard on these m-th-f-ckas
flying on the vma’s. evel knievel, the n-gg- proud of me
i’m drinking this sh-t til 5 in the morning
your girls number 1 pick, call me mr lottery
i let a hater n-gg- die, pow, like it’s suicide
i ain’t giving no more f-ckin’ apologies
stunt so hard, that sh-t crazy
ain’t sh-t free, f-ck you pay me
heron flow from the 80′s, my chain on me like we made it
my kinfolk got 10 hoes, 5 whites, 2 blacks like 3 asians
my benzo got d-mn hoe, n-gg- take this sh-t i’m too faded
go ‘head and bring yo crown over
-ss kisser, brown noser, f-ck yo luck, i smoke clovers
i’m partying with boat owners
marilyn monroe hoes all on us
rookie tryna get ya signing bonus
n-gg- look at my chain man, i paint ya face, you a clown homie
not tryna throw subliminal, my porsche got force and driftaco
even if its just 10 of ya’ll i put in the old school and you pin up dolls, yikes!
that sh-t crazy, don’t you play me
you tryna get on this bus, b-tch sign this waiver
hol’ up, hol’ up, gimme that chardonnay and that marvin gaye sh-t
but hol’ up, my conversation too complicated, this b-tch too basic
you ain’t no groupie girl and you know that i won’t say sh-t
you got skeletons in your closet
i got aliens in my bas-m-nt