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chris king – orchids lyrics


lyrics from snippet

[chorus: chris king & lancey foux]
keep it lowkey girl, we grown (yeah+yeah)
no way, go ’til top of the morn’ (gang, sh+t)
[?], on blood (uh), yeah
you ain’t got a role, gotta’ play your part
got a cup of lean (yeah), gotta’ drink that shot
[?] cups, they looking like art (woo)
you can love me, or love me not, i’m breaking hearts
follow the [?] why always a [?]
trap out that neiman marcus like an apartment (yeah), oh, yeah
i was putting my scale in the [?] apartment
get some maserati, i’m watching forklift
purple plyers, i’m smoking up orchids (chyeah, uh), oh, yeah

[verse 2: lancey foux]
i’m sending her flowers, i’m giving her orchids, yeah (orchids)
i’m letting her level up from the [?] and the socials (socials, trust)
’boutta send her…