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chris nero – bitch don’t think about it lyrics


[chris nero]

[verse 1]

all these psychedelic and psychics i deal with
got my sidekick blaring these sights im sharing
pour sprite in paris ,we’ll act deaf at our hearing
its apparent we don’t have parents
let’s f-ck like the day after our marriage ,and become parents
this is america first they hate then become parrots
don’t think about it too much
hold my hand, we don’t have to f-ck
we can eat our lunchables and watch adventure time
then later stare at the sun
let them ants crawl on your tummy
mommy they can feel your vibes
we don’t need any money, honey
you know me and my n-gg-s rob
if you need some weed i got my man steez
someone -ss beat swank stay ready
supreme and willy stay with the shits
so anything need baby we can get


baby let me take you for a ride
-f-ck i can’t sing
but baby i can always provide

b-tch don’t think x7
b-tch don’t think about no mo’

[verse 2]

baby do me a favor, stop thinking
we can float on the coast where the titanic started sinking
where leo stop breathing and rose start leaving
it’s that time of the season
where jesus makes every reeces piece a cup
many didn’t believe it now what
that shit that make keanu reeves duck
f-ck being number 1 ,we do it for the love
so baby grab my hand we don’t have to f-ck
food and cartoons then stare at the sun
we being watched over by the man above

[bridge 2]

believe in my words
as i grab curds
hear my words slur
and your cat purrs

[jay swank]

[verse 3]

cooling, relaxing
yeah we steady trapping
everybody rapping, everybody clapping
chilling high fashion
nero, steezy, swank, and preme
yeah we bout that action
click clack
bang bang
everybody doing the same thing
everybody want that same fame
b-tch we started “gang gang”
i just wrote a quick eight bars and imma let that beat
sing sang like ling lang
i’m swanging to that golf wang
booling doing that west thang



[chris nero]

[verse 4]

me and my n-gg-s gods
everything on set give us our props
if you act super man, i’m general zod
-n-lytical and lyrical, we can fight the odds
i don’t give a f-ck
me and my n-gg-s cloud 9, so you can know what’s up
ddm we clown posse and make they make up run
have make the handicap kid in crowd the jump
n-gg- we could crash the internet
put our d-cks on the sun cause a silhouette
if listening appreciate it, many battles i fought
you bomb bissonette and still won’t be able to clear my thoughts