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chris travis – control lyrics


i don’t need no control
ay, look

i don’t need no control
lies and tales told by a hoe
f-ck that she got attached quick
this what happens when you legit
run through my ? i blank
till the the day come b-tch i rank-
top till on shit, and you sink
i don’t smoke cigs b-tch i pint
i don’t give f-cks that’s fasho
you’s a f-ck-boy and you know
all my n-gg-s f-cked that hoe
woke up too rich in my robe
no that cannot take my soul
no that cannot take my soul
dig it up b-tch i’m out here
f-ck the world, it’s nothin’ that i fear
i’ma come through and control
these pussy n-gg-s emos
they be so jealous of me
twenty-five soldiers its a lead
ran it up b-tch got a house
about the business boy f-ck clout
i done got sauce on my coat
i’ma eat bread with my folk