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chris travis – lost lyrics


where the heck am i ? you know what i’m saying young memphis n-gg- i claim this b-tch by myself n-gg- but you know i’m still with the squad, you know what i’m saying its raining where i’m at it’s raining and thunderstorm n-gg- ain’t no sunshine over here, you hear me ?

[verse:chris travis]
b-tch i got different styles i’m a mystery, and tell your momma cause i’m going down in history. i’m seeing through you pussy n-gg-s like a picket fence, i’m drinking water b-tch but waterboyz ain’t a trend, and i don’t give a f-ck you ain’t got to play my shit cause only real n-gg-s know i ain’t faking shit. i’m changing every d-mn day can’t stay the same for shit but still real with my n-gg-s but can’t trust a b-tch and keep your eyes on the n-gg-s that you kicking with, cause really everybody just want benefits. you n-gg-s listen to these rappers “think you with the shit ?” then try to b-mp me and i feel my shit, ima’ tell you once b-tch i’m not a lyricist tell you what you need to hear and make it clear you b-tch i’m having fun with this rap shit is you serious ? if it weren’t for this then i’d be delirious i’m steady changing the game when i’m dropping tapes b-tch i know the industry watching they don’t say shit i know them f-ck n-gg-s plotting when they hear my shit, i’m pulling up and i’m watching ready for a pick i wanna’ be in love but i can’t remember shit and i forget about these hoes cause i’m on some money shit and they don’t ever hit my line till they want some d-ck and i don’t ever got no time cause i’m making hits all you wack n-gg-s slacking ima’ tell you quick “think you hot ?” shit k!ll you all slowly. i’m on twitter but you better not approach me and this ain’t twitter rap b-tch f-ck promotions pussy !