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chrisette michele – so cool lyrics


“so cool”

i’m so cool

you never call me like you promise to
that’s ok
cause he calls every single day i’m cool
you used to say
that for me you would go and get the moon
you never did
but he brought the sun and moon and stars
i’m cool

baby i’m so cool

you promised me the world in the beginning
though i never asked you for a thing
but all of a sudden
a whole lot of nothing
is all that you would ever bring
i never needed cars or clothes or jewelry
or anything else you were promising
all that i needed was to be treated
like you gave a d-mn for me
but you couldn’t even do it, so

so after everything you put me through
just want you to know
that i’ve moved on and baby i’m so cool
so cool
it wasn’t hard to find a better you
i’ll be alright
don’t you worry
i’m so cool

hmm, used to walk around with an att-tude
hey, but now he keeps me smiling every day
i’m cool, hey
the only thing i really wanted from you
was the only thing you’ll never do
love and affection, but you gave rejection
so i had to quit you
’cause you didn’t even do it, so


baby i’m so cool
finally done with you
on to something new
so cool
so cool