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chrismore trowers – my reason lyrics


rapping is ma game
that’s why i came to claim
the hall of fame
and put you to shame
just playing
nothing will ever be the same
this is insane
i’m glad you came
oh no it begins to rain
oh no here comes the speeding bullet
like a train
he’s came here to train me
but got taught how to rap
i guess he never knew ma first rap the one was a trap

finally someone to sit back
kick back and laugh at
oh no lil ace fell for the trap
now he’s all mad
cause he spitting trash

holdup i’m not all that
ma rap is too hot
10-4 has to fall back
we’d just keep it like that
to me ma rap is cr-p
someone like you couldn’t possibly understand all that
this rap battle as pointless as it is
we have to figure out who the true artist is
you follow me?
lil kid
lets pardon me for this diss
as rough and crazy as it seems
i have to express ma opinions
through this beat and rhythms
hope you can take the heat
holdup we gotta stay discreet
less i’m weak or am going for the win
i’m in these streets
filling the win and doing ma thing
staying chill
i guess i’m frozen still
paying them taxes
paying them bills
atlast i got bans
victory is at hand
ace-savage as u said
god always has a plan

so i’ll hustle and bustle
till the f-cking end
i always make two ends mend
i always do the best of ma
ability ma friend
this should be on a trend
you know i’m taking w’s
not l’s