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christ dillinger – uber pt 2 lyrics


[christ dillinger & swami uchiha]
i just bought an uber with a piece and went to western union
i just robbed a christian n+gga, shot him at his own communion
i just bought a pistol and i gave it to my lil sister
i just hit a l!ck so good i had to stop and take a picture

i just scammed a n+gga and forgot cuz i was drinking liquor
took a picture with a broke n+gga, had to crop him out the picture
i been f+ckin her for 10 weeks, why the f+ck you wanna kiss her?
broke n+ggas droppin out, i’m so rich i’m droppin in!

imma make a p+ssy eat a bullet like a vitamin
i gave this b+tch a perc, but that sh+t was a vitamin
my man got some shoes from the flea market they 2 for 10
i just scammed the bouncer out the club, he wouldn’t let me in

matter fact, i just scammed a n+gga with my best friend
and after that, i just scammed a n+gga that’s my best friend
i just f+cked this b+tch four times and i’m ready to go again
junkies keep on banging on my trapdoor saying let me in

i just seen them at the atm, i looked over her shoulders
empty out the ho account, 4000 dollars and a couple quarters
i just hit the plug, i scammed them for seven grams, that’s a quarter
put it to my child’s bank account and now that sh+t is going over!

i just f+cked a rich white b+tch, she using head and shoulders
i’m just tryna f+ck a b+tch but this b+tch won’t let me come over
i just sold him acid but it’s just a cut up piece of paper
i just f+cked a b+tch and nutted fast i told her “see you later”

all my dollars blue, and my shoes is made of alligators
hoes on the way out, hoes on the way in
n+gga weighing in, but he ain’t on the way out
n+ggas so dumb, they for water in the outhouse

so so cold that a n+gga got furs on
p+ssy ass n+gga don’t squat with your spurs on
i just got rich so off scammin so i bought 2 homes
my b+tch scammed dr. miami and got some silicon

told that b+tch get out of my house cuz she ain’t give me her credit card
i just dropped some soft in the pot and it turned hard
i just seen a g+y n+gga and he was wearing a leotard
i just got banned from [?] cuz i was scammin gaurds

pistol where my d+ck supposed to be, that’s why it’s lookin hard
i just scammed jake from state farm, i needed car insurance
i just f+cked your girlfriend long time cuz i got good endurance
i just scammed a lil n+gga then i went and scammed his parents