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christevie – summer memories lyrics


d-mn summer came so fast we were 10 12 16 18 in a heartbeat then everything changed quick
for a second can we prepare for a minute we were back as kids without a care in the world and no responsibility and been grown was a dream and every face was a friend and we had no enemies the bedtime stories how we made memories man we dreamed so big we could be anything a rock star a scientist we could change history, man i miss those day when life was a game and all we did was play and believed everything from our parents every word they’d say and no doubt we believed in every picture every canv-ss that we painted and that with a plaster or a bandage everything broken could be mended to been kids

i i i can’t wait wait for summertime iii save me some summertime

i remember how much time we spent in school when we still had love for teachers before mp3 players and ipod shuffles were cool how we spent so much time with our loved watching cartoons or playing by the pool been in love seemed so easy you loved them for them they love you for you there was no need to change cause the friendship was true a moment of thought for the toys and the friends oh all the shoes i outgrew i still remember til this day whem my bestfriend’s tommy had to move father taught me how to watch the stars and see the man in the moon i had a dog named benny mamma told me that he ran away and i still hope he comes home soon hey benny would come home sooon

i i i can’t wait wait for summertime iii save me some summertime

now in our teen everything seemed so real we lost some won some suddently we started -n-lising how we feel feeling frustrated misunderstood made us angry and been moody was the only way we knew how to deal by that i had my fair share of puppy love there was eloise lacey then the twins then after came the emilies laurens and charity elizabeth and tori then angelique then joana alexandra and adrianna michelle and alice and all my crushes from tv just to mention a few it was never love cause i saw my heart heal damm puppy love you had my time sealed to been young and reckless damm puppy love

i i i can’t wait wait for summertime iii save me some summertime

i remember it all like it was last summer when me and yohan had dreams of strech hummers that was before i lost brother man what a treasure treated everyone with respect and honor and to all the friends that i made at efy blood couldn’t make us any closer he steven you remeber the fight that broke in the cafeteria all because of a chicken song we performed with the others we latter had a reunion at my house and brian and veryone fell in love with my mother next summer i became friend with ash ryan nathan and harley then sarah and the girls few years latter we had a meal and we danced for my birthday not know that was our last supper i reconciled with katie and she died in the same year and left a small daughter i really made me think i really do miss you i wish we could speak more cause you never know when it your last summer i i i save me some summertime